Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Outlander Style Pattern

Simplicity has come out with two new Outlander women's patterns, designed by American Duchess.  8162 is for underpinnings.  It includes a chemise, stays, and bum pad.  I like that the stays are front opening, although in my own research, I've seen more that are closed fronted.  Front lacing ones did exist, especially for women who had no one to assist them in dressing or were nursing.  8161  has the patterns for a jacket, stomacher, and petticoat.    

Two things to note in the design of these patterns: while they are inspired by the costumes in the first season of Outlander, American Duchess blended the designs with those found in extant garments from the 1740s. So, if you were wanting an exact replica of a costume from the show, these aren't it.  If you are good at tweaking patterns, I wouldn't think that they would be hard to modify.  The other thing to note is that they were designed for cosplay, not for hard core historical costumers.  Fear not!
 American Duchess is graciously putting out a series of blogs and videos to show people how to make them more historically accurate.  Thank you, Duchess!

For other historically accurate choices, see my previous blog on pattern suggestions from the first season of Outlander.  I guess I need to write another one for the more formal costumes shown in the Paris episodes of the second season.  Speaking of which, American Duchess is working on another pattern for Simplicity that is inspired the red dress in season 2.  Again, it won't be an exact replica, but will be based on gowns from that time and have a more elegant feel than 8161.

copyright Nellie Kampmann, 2016