Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1910 Hat Pattern

After all that searching last summer for a 1912 appropriate hat pattern, it turns out that a friend of mine sells them on her website at Eva Dress.  D'oh!  Well, now I've got the pattern in hand for any future needs.

I have had to slow down on blogging here because I have had very limited time to sew for the past year.  That's actually for positive reasons.  The History Press out of the blue contacted me to write a book about my other love, local ghost stories, and the history behind them.  Look for The Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio to be out in bookstores at the end of summer, 2011.

As soon as it is finished and shipped off to the publisher, you can bet that I will be back to my sewing machine in a heartbeat.  This actually gives me an excuse to make more vintage clothes.  I will have to go to dozens of book signings next fall for it.  What better way to dress for that sort of thing than to wear historically correct mourning clothes from decades past?  I would love to make an Edward Gorey style mourning outfit.

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