Sunday, June 27, 2010

The 1912 Kimono Dress Completed

Here is the end result of my Sense and Sensibility 1912 Kimono Dress.  Overall, I liked the pattern.  My only issue with it is that the bodice and skirt parts in the back required some easing to fit together.  The cotton broadcloth I was using didn't work too well for that and puffed out a bit.  I also wish that I had either been able to afford the same print that I used for the bodice for the underskirt, or used the underskirt material for the belt to tie it all together better.  Still, the end effect is very pretty.  I got a lot of compliments on it.

Getting a proper hat for the era was a bit of a challenge.  The closest I could find patternwise is the hat pattern from Simplicity's Edwardian duster coat pattern.  The crown on that really wasn't wide and deep enough for a 1912 impression.  I probably could have altered it easily enough, but I really didn't have the time to spend making a hat regardless.  So, after doing some research, I found that a smaller brimmed hat would also be appropriate as long as the crown was fairly deep and wide and the trim was even higher.  I found a nice modern one and some great 4" wide ribbon on eBay.  The Ribbon Store out of Las Vegas is a godsend for historical hat making!    I made a cockade based on the Old Fashioned Ribbon Art book that Dover republished. (Update- hat problem solved!)

I'm pretty pleased with the outfit.